...with a FREE Indicative Tender from Firstyle Homes!

1. What is an Indicative Tender & what does it provide?
An indicative tender gives you an estimated price on building your Firstyle Home.

2. How do I obtain an Indicative Tender?
A Firstyle Homes Sales Consultant will provide a free consultation based on your answers to 12 questions you will be given your indicative tender and estimated price.

3. Are there any obligations after i receive the tender?
No, a Firstyle Indicative Tender is obligation free.

4. What are the next steps?
If you wish to proceed with planning your Firstyle Home, then subject to an Independent Contour Survey and Site Analysis Report we will provide you with a Fixed Site Survey for a non-refundable fee of $1,000.

(Knockdown & Rebuild Sites Incur a $1,500 Fee)

For more information on this offer and more, please contact a Firstyle Display Centre.