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Undertaking a Knock Down & Rebuild is the logical choice when you love where you live but your existing home no longer meets your family’s current and future needs. Whilst it is exciting to build a new home, rebuilding in an established area also poses an array of guidelines and requirements and these requirements are not consistent across council areas.

Here are a few things you need to know:

The 10.7 Certificate is critical in assessing:
• What zoning issues apply
• Can approval be sort through the NSW Housing Code Rules
• Are there any Bush fire, flood, heritage, or other issues that have to be addressed

Storm water management is now required in most council areas. Things such as On Site Detention system (OSD), On Site Absorption system (OSA) and Charge system, require assessment by a Hydraulic Engineer. Other factors may include
easement access.

Where council mapping show areas affected by flood, a flood assessment will be required. Cost may be incurred if building requirements change as a result. This includes raising slab levels & changes to building specifications.

If the site is adjacent to a Main or Collector Road or is a Battle Axe lot, has overhead power lines or has restricted access specific measures will need to be taken for safe site access at additional cost.

Demolition of the existing dwelling is the responsibility of the home owner in which a separate demolition application must be submitted to council. After the receipt of approval has been received, demolition can proceed. If required, we can recommend a preferred demolition contractor.

The availability, location & condition of services such as gas, sewer, driveway lay-back and power must be considered when planning a knock down rebuild.

An AHD Survey is needed to provide minimum record levels required. It is considerably more specific than a standard boundary survey. This is required to assess and approve your application. Note: Front setback of adjoining properties is also
required for accurate assessment and approval.

We have a generous building area that spans most of Sydney, The Central Coast & Lower Hunter. Some council areas are excluded i.e. no build zone. Select councils are subject to Zone Allowance.

So, when the choice is to Knock Down & Rebuild, contact one of our experienced and friendly sales executives, who will assist you with making your new dream home a reality. Simply visit one of our Display Centres or call 1300 FIRSTYLE

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